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How to use the VIP taxi service

The client's rights and duties:

  1. The client has a right to demand to zero a daily speedometer of a driver and in the end of a travel a client has a right to demand a check of a travel coast.
  2. A travel coast check can be written out as for cash, as for payment by check.
  3. In case of coming up the controversial questions The client has a right to apply to the controller or to the board of directors by the number/fax +7 (846) 958-55-66 (office) or by the number +7 (927) 739-99-88 (director).
  4. The client has a right to express any claim about the car cleanness and a quality of service.
  5. The client has a right to ask the driver to turn on a video or audio accompany for the period of travel.
  6. The client can smoke and drink strong drinks in a car salon only with a drivers’ permission.
  7. The client bound to completely pay his travel according to the acting tariffs. Each driver should have a certificated variant of a price.
  8. The client should solve any conflict situations through the taxi direction.

What’s a travel coast check?

Чек стоимости проезда

A travel coast check or a check-slip is as for traveling by check payment, as for cash payment confirmation. Any passenger has a right to demand to zero the daily speedometer before the traffic at the time of boarding and to write out a check at the end of travel exactly according to the acting tariff. A client keeps the yellow check sheet with the copy of facts as a travel coast confirmation and it can be disputed in the administration of the firm in case the driver has risen the tariff. If the coast was risen the firm recompenses the client a difference according to the tariff and delivers an official reprimand on the driver according to the inner rulers of the firm.

When paying by check, check-slip is the document of the exact accounts when carrying out the act of work done and giving the further payment.

How can a physical person pay the taxi service by check?

Any physical person can the service from VIP taxi Sonata paing by check. For it you need to transfer any sum to the firm account for physical persons, after this operation the client automatically gets to the category of «Agreed by contract», he receives his private account in OOO VIP taxi Sonata which the client can fill up at his private discretion, preliminary co-ordinated this question with the firm accountant.

What are the advantages of a payment by check for the physical persons?

This service is comfortable for children delivering to school and back, as it excludes money relationships between a driver and a child.

This is an example, illustrating the advantages of such service:

The constant client of our firm who has a private account in VIP taxi Sonata and means on it was sent on an an official journey to Ekaterineburg, where he was rubbed. It was Saturday. Personal documents and a mobile phone were lost. His wife and children were having holidays in Egypt, his colleagues were not at work, and he didn’t remember mobile numbers of his acquaintances by heart; he couldn’t even receive a remmitance from his parents as he didn’t have documents! What could he do?! He remembered the telephone number of VIP taxi Sonata — +7 (846) 2-777-777, phoned, told his private password to book a car!!! The help came already after 12 hours (the distance between Samara and Ekaterineburg is 1000km). That is the example of this service advantages. Wherever you are, a car will come to any spot of SNG, if you are the constant «Contract client», having a private account.

The properties for physical persons:

The receivers’ bank: OAO «Alfa-Bank», Moscow INN 7728168971
BIK 044525598
C.a. 30101810200000000593
The receiver's name: Ivanov Maxim Valerievich
the receiver's accounts: 40817810304710001406

(Download the standard contract)

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