Taxi Service

Attention! All the service in «VIP taxi Sonata» can be paid by check.

  • meeting at the airport (see in detail)
  • meeting at the railway station (see in detail)
  • meeting of delegations
  • meeting of foreign delegations with English-speaking driversвстреча
  • wedding motor-cade service (see in detail)
  • evacuator service (Samara city, Samara Region, Russia) (see in detail)
  • delivering children to kinder-gardens and schools
  • autopilot
  • traveling in Russia and SNG
  • complex service «All included» (see in detail)
  • special purpose car rent (see in detail)
  • Special offer for promoters: transports organization, placing, security and etc. for VIP-persons and concert groups.

new!Payment by check service to physical persons
properties for physical persons

Payment by check, agreed by contract prices for corporation clients

A taxi coast:

A formula of counting the travel coast:

2 € (a call) + 10 € (the minimum travel to 5 km) + 1 € (for each following kilometer over the 5 km minimum)

For example: 2+10+1*7Km = 19 € (the coast of a travel with a total run in 13 km)

  • 10 € — the minimum coast to 5 km including a call
  • 1 € — a coast of 1 km, over 5 km run
  • 10 € in an hour (not more than 15 km)
  • 25 € — Airport
  • 35 € — meeting in the Airport
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