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M.V. IvanovIt’s enough to have only 150 roubles to feel yourself a VIP-person. That is the minimum coast of a travel by the «VIP taxi Sonata». This Samara taxi has automobiles of a business-class with a DVD-player and TV for a comfort and with an ideal clean salon. Such travel is accessible for everyone now!

M.V. Ivanov
The general director of «VIP taxi Sonata»:
This automobile was not fortunately chosen: in the turn we take care of our clients’ comfort. Hyundai Sonata is a very roomy and comfortable automobile, moreover its safety degree is very high. We tried to make a maximum comfortable salon for a passenger: a climate-control is arranged in all automobiles and the collection of films and musical clips will not let you be bored in a long trip. The first thing we are interested in is to make the clients pleased of traveling by our taxi.

vip taxi samaraOur company gives a special attention to people doing business trips or simply long trips. Coming to Samara or going to every city of Russia and SNG clients of «VIP taxi Sonata» can be sure in their choice of transport. An abnormally high automobile comfort and a high level service are to the purpose! For the guests of the Samara city the company offers the meeting and accompanying service. Thanks to «VIP taxi Sonata» Samara became more hospitable for the foreign guests too: there are English-speaking drivers in the staff of «VIP taxi Sonata».

In the company the high level is hold — «Sonata» is driven only by experienced drivers with the length of work not less than 5 years. They have the magnificent knowledge of the city and are able to support any conversation. These people are always in fit thanks to everyday medical examination. By the way? They are the only taxi drivers in samara who have the uniform. The high level service emphasizes the own emblem.

samara taxiOur logotype has its own symbolic meaning. Our sign doesn’t contain the accidental elements, as in ancient times of knights a family coat of arms manifested the distinctive signs of this or that dynasty. The wreath of oaken branches symbolizes safety and wisdom, letters VIP inform about a VIP-comfort, waiting for our clients; the wheel and the word «taxi» are talking about our work with automobiles; Sonata is a contribution to the automobile, which is working for our service; and finally, the crown symbolizes our belonging to the Russian Federation.

All automobiles are always checked in the autosalon «Argo» — the official Hyundai dealer in Samara. VIP taxi is VIP-responsible for the happy delivery of its passengers. The passenger salon is insured to 30000 € for all period of driving.

hotel samaraIf somebody thinks that «VIP taxi» means that these perfect cars intended only for VIP-persons, it’s not true! «VIP taxi Sonata» is a VIP-comfort for everyone! Book our taxi: we want any passenger who has a possibility to pay for his travel not less than 150 roubles to feel himself comfortably in this automobile. Done in good time order, an urgent call, such service as a travel to an airport, a solemnmotor-cade, a meeting of delegations, calling up an evacuator, and what’s more not only in Samara and Samara Region — we are glad to offer our clients not only all these but also many others.

taxi samaraIn the popularity rating, conducted by the famous Samara publication, «VIP taxi Sonata» takes the fourth place of the 27 Samara taxi parks. Bright and comfortable automobiles have already conquered the constant clients for many of which «VIP taxi Sonata» is not only a kind fellow-traveler, but the reliable partner The profitable conditions are for-seen for the corporative clients in the company.

«VIP taxi Sonata» will Deliver a passenger with comfort to every part of the city and region, will meet at the airport and at the railway station, and if the celebration is planned the company is ready to give a car without a special mark.

We can confidently say that when offering the taxi service we are doing all the possible for making our client pleased with the service level. «VIP taxi Sonata» is a true comfort, deserving a king!

taxi samara tel. of vip taxi +7(846)2777777 hotel samara
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